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Hi, I’m Fernanda. I also go by Nanda.
Mountaineering in Ecuador

In terms of my work experience, I’ve always been drawn to jobs and activities that are very team-oriented. Throughout my career I have thrived in collaborative environments and I naturally focus on workflow efficiencies and improvements. That is built into my DNA!

I worked in Communications and Marketing for ten years in Brazil. In 2015, I switched fields from project management of medical conferences in Brazil to UX design and software development. I moved to Ecuador to start my own software development company. While making this transition, I taught myself web design and development.

My background in PR and Marketing was a tremendous asset in understanding and relating to clients, users, and stakeholders. Clear communication and a working knowledge of business and marketing allowed me to provide superior guidance and support to clients while understanding user needs and motivations to help clients bring their ideas to life.

I’m half Brazilian and half Ecuadorian and grew up between both countries. One of my grandfathers was indigenous-Ecuadorian and the other was Italian-Brazilian, so I grew up in a multi-cultural family. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the richness of this cultural diversity since I was a child.

Since growing up, my siblings and I were engaged in a variety of social justice causes with our mom, who is a community leader in Brazil. Recently, my activism has focused on eco-feminism, as well as racial and gender equity in technology.

In my free time I like practicing yoga, playing soccer, climbing, cooking, and playing with my dogs.

I have native fluency in Portuguese and Spanish, and a professional working proficiency in English.

Protest to Legalize Abortion in Ecuador
Yes, I have a twin sister and I love dogs
Family time in California

Over the past six years, as CEO of a small startup, I performed the role of project manager and UX designer. I served as the intermediary between customers, users, designers, and developers. As a user-centered UX designer, my ultimate goal was always to conceptualize and build the most eye-catching, creative, functional, and accessible products. In order to do this, I led the ideation process, conducted several methods of UX research, as well as created wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in collaboration with my team members, and led the overall direction of the product development. Throughout my work at this company, we delivered 40+ interactive and immersive applications for museums and exhibits, as well as 80+ applications and websites for private, public, and non-governmental organizations, delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I moved to the United States in 2020 and I’d love to connect with other people that are passionate about socially and environmentally conscious projects and discuss potential work opportunities.

Feel free to send me an email: