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Equal Value, Equal Rights

UX Designer
Web Development

Website Design & Development


The program Equal Value, Equal Rights is CARE’s impact multiplication strategy in Latin America, which seeks to advance the rights of millions of domestic workers in the region.

For this, the program focuses on actions of political advocacy, articulation of national and global domestic workers’ organizations with international and regional organizations related to the subject, and in communication strategies of national/regional scope for employers’ sensitization and behavior change. CARE’s commitment to this population program is long-winded: we hope to positively impact the lives of 5 million domestic workers by the year 2020 and 10 million till 2030.

Care Ecuador needed an intuitive and accessible website to be able to promote the program’s activities to the organizations and unions of domestic workers in Latin America.

My role

I performed the following roles:
  • Collaborated with the client to define the scope of work, creating the project plan and schedule.
  • Carried out interviews with the target audience and analized the resaerch outcomes.
  • Created the information architecture, website map and low-fidelity wireframes.
  • Website design and development.
  • Perfomed all processes related to website optimization and domain and hosting configuration.
  • Thoroughly testing and verifying all website functionality.

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