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Los Sangurimas
Project Manager
Product Designer

Q2 – Q3

Video mapping


Reinventing theatrical poductions

The Ecuadorian theater group Malayerba, in conjunction with other groups, produced the play Sangurimas based on the classic novel by José de la Cuadra, an Ecuadorian writer.

The producers of the play wanted to use projections to show the detailed landscapes described in the novel. They also wanted to innovate with a dynamic stage that moved together with the actors.

Our team of graphic artists, multimedia developers and engineers were in charge of the interactive mapping that set the stage for the presentation.

My role

I worked directly with the play director and producers during the pre-production process to map out the plan for the video mapping. I was in charge of developing the production brief and the video scripts and storyboards.

I led the projection design, guiding graphic artists and multimedia developers through the entire process of graphic production and video animations.

I verified that all products followed the graphic line and met all our customer’s requirements.

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